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How We Help

Welcome to the New Advisor Partnership Program! We've redesigned to help you increase your move-in and conversion rates, provide resources and educational opportunities, as well as share insights and knowledge about the Senior Living industry

How we help our Customers

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Step 1

We help our customers each new FAMILIES

Our multi-channel marketing efforts attract more than 2 million families a month who are interested in senior living options.

Multi-Channel Marketing Efforts

  • World Class Digital Internet Marketing through Google, Facebook & Bing

  • National TV & Radio Advertising throughout the year

  • Celebrity Spokesperson Joan Lunden, former host of Good Morning America

Step 2

We pre-qualify FAMILIES

Our Advisors thoughtfully and appropriately refer families to the best fit community in our customer network.

  • Our Advisors refer on average 4-6 communities to families and help them coordinate community tours.

  • Our Advisors partner with local communities to:

    • Know the communities and represent their unique qualities

    • Refer well-qualified families (on average 4 - 6 per family)

    • Share family insights with referred community customers

    • Encourage and schedule tours

    • Provide on-going connection and coordination throughout the process

    • Coordinate family follow-up

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Step 3

We refer families to the right CUSTOMERS

A Place for Mom specializes in working with families early in their search and decision-making process to find community customers that would be a good fit and provide a referral to those customer communities. Our customer view this as an extension of their sales team, allowing them to focus on qualified families through tours or on-site meetings. Families benefit by gaining the knowledge and confidence they need to move forward.

Step 4

We stay connected, helping families & customers move FORWARD

Once a family starts touring we stay connected to help our customers understand how the family is feeling about the community and provide guidance on how they can help the family move forward.

The relationships between our local Advisors and customer communities are at the core of helping families move forward. We've found that strong communication and collaboration are the keys to success. We are focused on creating great relationships by collaborating with families and our customers throughout the process.

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